Property Rentable Floor Area Measurement

When buying, selling, or leasing commercial real estate, it is valued and traded by the square foot.  When dealing with allocations of building service and amenity areas to the building occupants rental area, things can become very complicated quickly.  With the increased practice in the market to apply concepts like limited areas, auxiliary lobbies, unloaded building storage, and inter-building service areas, it is becoming even more complicated.  Solid Tech prides itself on providing the highest level of expertise in rentable area calculations.

Some common benefits of expert rentable area analysis:

  • Accurate area allocations provide better property value analysis before purchase and often can increase negotiating leverage in the purchase process.
  • Attract more sophisticated tenants who understand the value of a detailed expert rentable area report.
  • Reducing the likelihood that rentable area calculations will be challenged and ultimately peace of mind that you have done your due diligence.
  • Recognized expert to support the measurements should an area measurement dispute arise.

Some clients come to us hoping that we will be able to provide additional rentable area for their buildings.  While it is true that our experts can sometimes find service and amenity areas that result in more rentable square feet, that have been or might be overlooked by  other professionals who do not specialize in rentable area calculations, it is not something we can promise.  But having an independent, detailed, verifiable, and expert backed rentable area report has very significant value beyond any potential increases in rentable area.

The best time to invest in an expert rentable area report is when you are considering the acquisition of a new property.