Frequently Asked Questions:

What are As-Builts good for?

As-Built is a term in the building and real estate industries referring to what is built and existing. As-built surveying is used when a property owner does not have an up to date set of construction drawings or blueprints for their property.  Solid Tech as-built survey services are great for the following:

  • Architects and Designers who want to outsource as-built surveying.
  • Verification of construction services completed.
  • Real Estate Marketing and Leasing Plans
  • Precise BOMA Calculations
  • Property Owners who don’t have original blueprints for a property.

How does the technology work?

Solid Tech uses point-to-point laser measuring devices with a range of over 600 feet with an accuracy of 1/16″ of an inch.  But a vast advantage is gained by having a laser measuring devices that use real time data capture, wirelessly sending each measurement to the Solid Tech modeling software as it is taken.  This not only saves significantly on our time, it also greatly reduces errors eliminating as much human entry as we can.

Laser MeasureAn inclination meter adds the ability to triangulate measurements that would otherwise be difficult to obtain due to inaccessibility or even impossible due to obstructions. We can quickly record parapet heights, window head and sill elevations for each level, regardless of access, up to about 500′ high without leaving the parking lot.  This technology also allows for easy horizontal measurement of overhead soffits and awnings that would otherwise be out of reach.


Is it correct that if I hire you I can design my project without ever visiting the site?

No.  There is no substitute for visiting the site. Our service provides a background for your design and for the documentation of the scope of work you are designing.  It will be a very detailed background, but you will most definitely need to identify factors that are key to the success of your project and will need to personally verify these critical existing conditions in order to accurately coordinate the scope of construction.

Do you ever miss anything?

Certainly.  Buildings are seldom entirely empty and we will not move furniture or other storage.  As the technology advances and we eliminate the chances for errors to be made, like by eliminating the transfer of dimensions by hand, we continue to improve the accuracy of existing condition models.  But naturally the virtual model of your building will not be a perfect match any more so than the construction of it was a perfect match to original construction drawings.  And we are only human and occasionally miss things.  But regardless of who performs your as-built modeling, you will have to confirm features that directly impact the new construction scope and layout as you move forward with design development and construction drawings.

What structural information can I expect in my survey?

Existing condition surveys are limited to what is readily discernible through passive observation.  We will indicate column locations and even cross bracing and other structural eliments that have to be accounted for in a floor plan layout provided they are not concealed and pass through the occupiable area.  A survey including a reflected ceiling plan will include exposed beams and dropped soffit location and elevations. But investigation and modeling of structural beams, joists, or trusses are not typically included and must be specifically requested and commissioned.

How will my files be delivered?

We can post your photographs, 3-D model, plans and elevations for download from the internet, on a USB Drive, on CD-ROM, or all three.


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