Rental & Leasing Area Measurement (BOMA)

When it comes to buying, selling, or leasing commercial real estate it is valued and traded by it’s floor area.  Solid Tech understands that when you do your due diligence to get an independent expert measurement; you need someone who is experienced and professionally reputable.  After all if their expertise can be easily called into question, then what is their measurement really worth?

That is why Solid Tech LLC is proud to offer expert commercial building area measurement services and tenant area calculations directly overseen by an active member of the BOMA international Floor Measurement Standards Committee and a licensed architect.

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While we are happy to be your BOMA building area measurement experts, If you are trying to tackle it yourself, here are some places to get information.  

Here are some basic questions that can help you determine what standard to use, if you are unsure:

If you know what standard to use, you need to get a copy and read it.  There is absolutely no way to successfully apply the standard without reading it.  It isn’t expensive and you can usually buy and download it the same day:

If you still have questions, try reading these:

There are also other area measurement standards:

And you should read the AIA Best Practices white paper Measuring Floor Area for Commercial Leases by William Tracy of BAM.